Q1 : When do you need NOSK the most?
    NOSK is fruitful for dust, pollen and pollution area.
  Q2 : How long does the effectiveness of NOSK last?

Each filter is usable up to 24 hours.
So you can just put it on in the morning on the way to work, and toss it int the
trash upon arrival home

  Q3 : Who needs NOSK?
    NOSK is beneficial to anyone who is exposed to pollutants on daily basis, especially for those who work in subway, air polluted areas, taxi drivers, underground workers, and other respiratory patients working in dusty areas.
  Q4 : Does one feel stuffy when using NOSK in hot weather?
    You can wear it everywhere-hot and cold. There is no stuff.
  Q5 : What is the price of NOSK?
    Would you please contact us
  Q6 : Does NOSK suitable for patient with allergies?
    Reducing the inhalation of pollutants and allergies guaranteed easy breathing.